Start a Punters Club

Set your club’s rules

Set betting frequency, bet amount, funds saved & when to pass on the bet.

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Personal Details

Enter personal details & confirm betting account.

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Invite your mates & set-up mates who can’t access the Internet

Send invites to your mates to join your club. Set-up mates to manage online.

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Set your Punters Club rules & will do all the work for you

When you start your club you set....

  • How much and how often your club members will contribute funds to the club.
    • securely debits club contributions periodically from members nominated credit cards
  • How much of the club's funds to allocate to betting
    • automatically transfers the nominated betting amount into your punters club betting account
  • When betting starts and when the turn passes on
    • will allow the person(s) whose turn it is to bet to access your punters club betting account. All club members are notified when it is their turn to bet.